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Credit & Financing

Coverage for your balance sheet

You wonder how to improve liquidity while saving costs and optimizing your balance sheet? A combination of internal and external controlling measures in addition to an elaborate financing strategy and not least a tailored insurance concept has proved to be successful. Our consulting experts are on hand to advise you on individual insurance and financing solutions. 

We recognize from our daily business and ongoing market observation the strengths and weaknesses of the individual insurance and financing providers, and choose with you alternative financing instruments as an alternative to bank financing. 

Your customized financing solutions

We also support you in all questions of credit scores, debtor information, accounts receivable analysis, debt collection solutions or ratings, and provide advice on financing instruments such as receivables financing, structured financing, factoring, purchase financing or leasing. Together with you we will find the most suitable provider and product.  

In dialogue with you and on the basis of the individual liquidity situation, we decide together whether asset-financing, for example via

  • real estate leasing
  • movables leasing
  • sale and lease-back
  • lease-purchase
  • asset-based lending
  • asset-based financing
  • inventory financing
  • purchase financing
  • factoring
  • asset-backed securization
  • forfaiting

is suitable for you, or whether a liabilities-financing is possible, for example via sureties, securities or guarantees. 

Beratung in Finanzierungsfragen

Our skills for your success

We arrange any important insurance cover in the field of credit (see above illustration) and also infidelity covers (e.g. computer abuse).

Many of our clients are global players and are in need of additional coverage to protect against political credit risks (credit and political risks). We provide special solutions to this – just get in contact with us.


  • Can companies insure their accounts receivable?

    The risk of bad debt losses can be protected through traditional credit insurances, excess of loss covers, single-risk- and/or political risks covers or through self-insurance-solutions such as captives.

  • What type of insurance coverage will pay for bad debt losses?

    A bad debt protection insurance covers the losses suffered by contractors on trade receivables as a result of insolvency of clients due to economic and political reasons, default of payments, non-delivery of goods due to economic or political reasons, or expropriation of investments or goods. 

  • Are there any alternatives to bank-loan financing?

    Alternatives to bank financing include earmarked types of financing such as factoring, forfaiting, leasing, inventory financing, guarantees, purchase financing such as finetrading and reverse factoring, or earmarked financing such as bonds, private debt or private equity. 

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