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Cyber Insurance

Protection against real threats

Protection against cyber attacks is demanding because cyber attacks represent so-called intangible risks. Every area of business is at risk, and no sector can escape the threat.IT security experts warn that only a small proportion of companies operating in Germany have high security standards in place. But even the best IT systems are vulnerable. IT system failures, crime-based cyber attacks and data protection violations can lead to considerable financial losses, forensic and recovery costs, claims for damages and business interruptions.

Such balance sheet risks and costs can be insured. The well-known classic insurance policies do not offer comprehensive protection against these new intangible risks.

We discuss with you how existing insurance contracts can be adapted to the new risk situation. And if you wish to rest assured: our team of experts at deas CyberSolutions provides comprehensive protection through tailor-made insurance solutions for your cyber risks.​​

Our range of service

Risk Analysis & Dialogue

  • Identification of your risks through individual risk and needs assessment (Risk Landscape Analysis)
  • Support in the development of risk prevention measures and emergency/contingency plans

Risk Assessment

  • Development of measures to spread and prevent risks
  • Support in selecting external consultants and developing catalogues of measures
  • Insurance conception

Risk Transfer

  • Comparison of existing cyber risks with existing insurance solutions and individual adaptation by using insurance modules
  • Comprehensive and individual insurance solutions to cover the various cyber scenarios

Added value for you

  • Customized and individual cyber protection for your company that reflects the risks involved
  • Tailor-made insurance solutions providing coverage concepts above market standards
  • Customer-specific analysis of terms and conditions and comparisons of coverage
  • Comprehensive support and individual contract design for your cyber risks
  • Assistance and access to internal and external technical experts and consultants (IT security, forensics, lawyers and insurance experts)
  • All-embracing service from risk identification and assessment to insurance conception and claims management

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