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Employee Benefits

Coverage for your employees

Today, corporate provision management is much more than what is classically referred to as company pension schemes. Historically, "the mother" of all provision measures, company pension schemes are now just one of many ways in which employers can support their staff in their retirement planning. The range extends from occupational disability insurance to flextime accounts and occupational health management, to name but a few.

The company pension scheme obviously forms the core of corporate provision management, but this is another area, where the demands on companies have increased significantly in recent years. Yet also, a company pension scheme is a win-win situation for companies and their employees.

Recruiting employees, motivating them and retaining them in the long term is a fundamental task of an employer in order to maintain the company’s sustainable competitive position.

As part of a contemporary compensation concept, corporate provision management is therefore more important than ever, as it contributes significantly to retaining employees in the company and attracting qualified new employees to the company. Parallel to this, you as an employer also assume the duty of care towards your employees.

However, if the measures are to have the desired effect and at the same time keep the risks to the company to a minimum, corporate provision management confronts companies with major challenges.

The complex environment in which the employer is active in this respect, is characterized by legal requirements and court decisions, by the effects of numerous comfort letters and, last but not least, by current trends in HR management.

The framework conditions are therefore subject to a dynamic that requires a constant need for adaptation of corporate provision management.

Always keeping an eye on the legal requirements, we provide you with suitable solutions for company pension schemes and render professional advice. In addition to deferred compensation or converting income to pension payments, to which employees in Germany are legally entitled, there are many other options available, such as:

  • Staff pension pool
  • Reinsured pension commitments
  • Reinsured provident fund
  • Flexible working life models
  • Protection of shareholders and managers
  • Longterm flextime value accounts
  • Health insurance plans, group health plans
  • Overseas health insurance for foreign business trips or for employees posted abroad (health insurance plans for expats)
  • Pension schemes
  • Direct insurance
  • Pension funds

Flexible lifetime working time accounts – Working time value accounts

Working time value accounts enable employees to flexibly shape their working life with accrued time credits. To attract and retain professionals, employers these days can no longer avoid offering flexible working time solutions.

Due to the demographic development, there is an ever-increasing number of older employees. Moreover, not all of them want to - or are able to - work up to the standard retirement age. Employers are therefore increasingly called upon to find solutions that enable employees to shorten their working lives or make the transition to retirement in a socially responsible manner. This is possible with working time value accounts.

Working time value accounts are an interesting alternative to the conventional part-time working scheme for older employees in accordance with the German Partial Retirement Act (Altersteilzeitgesetz). Since the abolition of the government subsidy (2009), the state schemes are hardly attractive for both sides. Only under some collective agreements and the so-called “Third Way” employment contract guidelines, employers are still obliged to offer these options. However, the bottom line is that the number of partial retirement agreements has been declining for years.

The compatibility of family and career is especially important for younger employees (work-life balance). Working time value accounts also enable employees to integrate sabbaticals into their working lives, i.e. individual periods of leave for family, further training, travel, etc.

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