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Risks in the aviation industry are diverse and traditionally very expensive. A great deal of special knowledge and utmost care are required to select the coverage solutions that are best suited to your particular requirements from the insurers' aviation third-party-liability pool. Our aviation experts have many years of experience in the domestic and international aerospace insurance markets, and are familiar with the complex legal regulations (e.g. the German Regulation on Ground Handling Services at Airports - BADV).

You as our client, benefit from a comprehensive service package. From risk analysis, placement and management of insurance contracts to proposals for prevention and close assistance in the event of a claim.

Solutions for the aviation industry

For many years, our clients from a variety of industries have trusted in our customized solutions, among others,  

  • Owners of aircrafts
  • Airline operators
  • Airport services providers 
  • Operators of airports or airfields
  • Operators of aeronautical service and maintenance companies
  • Suppliers of the aviation and aerospace industry 
  • Manufacturers of aircrafts or aircraft parts 
  • Developers of space applications and technologies
Lösungen für die Luftfahrtbranche

Frequently requested aviation insurances

  • Liability insurance for airports (also aprons)
  • Aircraft-owner liability insurance
  • Aircraft hull insurance
  • Aviation product liability insurance
  • Aviation accident insurance
  • Air-carrier legal liability insurance (compulsory insurance regulated by law)
  • Aviation custody liability insurance
  • Aviation product liability insurance
  • Hangarkeeper's legal liability insurance for property in care, custody or control, and product liability insurances for aircraft assembly hangars
  • Other aviation insurances

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