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Food and Beverage

Optimal protection for risks in the food sector

Metal fragments found in cereals, pesticides in baby food, salmonella in tiramisu – time and again, the food and luxury food industry needs to recall products due to hazardous contaminations. Other than deliberate food contaminations in connection with product extortion, it is the everyday risks like accidental product contaminations or decay which challenge this sector in the production and saler processes. The impacts of such an occurrence pose a threat to the company concerned. 

For this reason, there is an increasing demand for adequate insurance protection for food and luxury food manufacturers. 

The diverse client inquiries include:

  • Protection against material damage or damage to supplies and manufactured goods 
  • Protection against loss of earnings – also in case of dropping out a product or desourcing of a supplier by food retailers 
  • Protection against product extortion
  • Protection against spoilage of food cargo in transit or supply chain
  • Insurance protection for processed foods (food technology, conservation etc)
  • Balance sheet protection, accounts receivable management, sureties and factoring
  • Organic clause and halal policy

Our expertise for your success

Everything we do as insurance broker is done in our clients' interest. Our portfolio of services ranges from professional assistance in the event of a claim and support for quality and risk management for your company to arrangement and mediation of adequate insurance solutions in all lines, for example:

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