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Accident Insurances

Coverage for your competencies

Additional employer benefits are becoming increasingly important when competing for employees and professionals. A corporate accident insurance or a group accident insurance for your staff could prove to be a reasonable addition to the German statutory accident insurance (employers' liability insurance association) or to a private accident insurance. Coverage can be tailored to your individual requirements: it may include, for example, accidents at work or leisure accidents or solely business trips.

Accident insurances provide coverage for 

  • disability (disablement benefits with progression depending on the degree of disability as per the dismemberment schedule)
  • or death (death benefit).

On request, coverage can be extended (subject to premium) to include for example: 

  • transitional benefits
  • monthly accident annuity
  • per diem allowance
  • per diem hospital allowance

Insurance benefits are paid in case that an insured person involuntarily suffers damage or impairment to his health due to an external event which suddenly affects his body. The term accident is defined by the respective insurance company in the underlying terms and conditions of insurance.

Excluded from insurance coverage are accidents arising from any conduct engaged in whilst under the inflluence of alcohol or drugs, or accidents that occur while committing or attempting to commit an illegal action or while racing.

We offer any kind of accident insurance, for example: 

  • Private accident insurance based on 24-hour-accident coverage 
  • Accident insurance for workforce in the context of a group accident insurance with or without direct claim 

Your advantage: our framework agreements include benefits that go far beyond the standard terms and conditions offered by insurance companies.


  • This type of insurance is suitable for private individuals and their families, employees, owners, associates, managers, corporate bodies of a company via a 24-hour-coverage or optionally via a sectoral cover for on-the-job-coverage including commuting accidents and business travel. 

    Uninsurable are persons requiring permanent care and persons requiring intensive nursing care. 

  • The private or corporate accident insurance is a useful supplement to the often insufficient benefits provided by the statutory accident insurance, and it can, at least, ease the financial consequences of an accident entailing sudden disability of the insured person. Accident insurance funded by the employer as additional benefit will make an additional contribution to enhancing staff loyalty. Apart from this, the employer fulfills his so-called fiduciary duty of care towards employees when they are on business trips and he provides them with the corresponding insurance cover. 

  • The policyholder (the employer) is usually entitled to the accident insurance benefits. The insured person or his/her legal heirs receive the benefit only if this has been specifically agreed. Depending on the arrangement in the insurance contract concerning a possible direct claim, benefits are paid directly to the insured person, or, in case that direct claim has not been agreed, benefits are paid to the policyholder (employer). The decision on the form of contract will be taken by the client, after taking into consideration all aspects of taxation.  

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