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Other Industries

Broad expertise


As former in-house insurance broker of the DaimlerChrysler Group we have comprehensive expertise in the automotive supply industry. In addition to tailor-made insurance solutions we provide, contractually guaranteed, a professional risk management which creates optimum conditions for survival in intense cut-throat competition. 

We answer your questions regarding all industry-relevant topics, such as: 

  • Product liability and recall costs (including design responsibility agreement, amount of coverage, liability agreements)
  • Support in preparing product recall plans 
  • Liability issues related to supply chains
  • Risks in connection with cyber attacks
  • Supply of third-party property and goods for repair 
  • Receivables management, sureties, factoring
  • Protection against Paulian actions
  • Insurance solutions for a certain project;

and arrange coverage in all sector-relevant lines of insurance, for example:

Car Dealerships

Whether in the area of car sales, car rental, car leasing or repair of vehicles – as insurance broker with "automotive" company history we develop individual insurance solutions for every need. 

Our clientele includes car dealerships of every size, from a small business with 100 vehicles up to multibrand dealers with 30 branches and vehicle stocks in the four-digit-range. They all appreciate our integral full-range service, from loss prevention and contract management up to quick and customer-focused claims processing

We take care of all issues relevant to this branch, for example: 

  • cost-effictive protection of major vehicle stocks against natural hazards losses 
  • favorable premiums even in case of unfavorable loss experience
  • insurance modules for classic car collections, car-sharing concepts, or rental pools for self-drivers 
  • preventive measures to minimize any risk of burglary 

And of course you can obtain from us adequate insurance cover for car dealerships, bus companies and others, including:

Versicherungslösungen Autohäuser

Construction Risks, Building Industry

When it comes to arranging a sustainable insurance package for your construction risk, a detailed and comprehensive risk analysis of your company and the planned construction is absolutely necessary. Our specialists are familiar with the pitfalls such as product liability for settlement and subsidence damage in underground construction, or the liability for errors made in production activities such as cement production. Our experts do not only draw on their comprehensive market knowledge and expertise, but they also use their very good contacts in the insurance industry and their good negotiation skills. 

With us as partner you have access to insurance solutions that go beyond the usual market standard – also for planning risks, construction works risks and erection risks if needed. In addition, our experts examine your current contracts in order to develop and implement optimization potentials for you.   

Among others, we can arrange the following insurance covers for you:

Professional Services

Versicherungen Dienstleistungsunternehmen

The freedom of services opens many doors, but also creates ever tougher competition that calls for innovative approaches and flexibility to remain competitive. Our service is as individual as your company is, it is flexible and adapts to your needs.  

Since professional service providers differ widely, we offer solutions that are specifically adapted and provide tailor-made insurance cover for diverse target groups, such as:  

  • Banks
  • Financial service providers
  • Facility managers
  • IT service providers and others

In addition, we can provide you with any kind of insurance cover, for example: 


Commercial undertakings involve value concentrations in large logistics complexes and high rack warehouses. These value concentrations represent substantial challenges to risk management, for example fire protection. Our experts, such as our inhouse fire protection engineers advise and support you in developing and implementing viable safety concepts.  

Planning reliability is why we do our utmost to keep premium rates as stable as possible and assist you in asserting your interestes in the insurance market in a focussed manner. 

You minimize your risks lastingly with our appropriate concepts. One example is the risk of loss of earnings which in particular in central warehouses could take on dimensions jeopardizing the existence of a company. The liability for defective products is an issue that the legislator is keeping a close eye on. 

Liability risks also arise from special services (e.g. goods delivery or display of merchandise) or from the legal duty to ensure public safety (e.g. in premises with customer traffic).

We will be happy to provide you with advice in all insurance matters that arise through the operation of your commercial enterprise, and design your tailor-made insurance cover, such as:  

IT Companies

Information technologies, for short IT,  shape our way of life. The more we depend on IT the larger is the size of economic loss in the event of data loss or manipulation of data, either caused by errors in the system, hardware defects or cybercrime (hacking, data theft, virus attacks or trojans etc).  Today, companies that deal with the development, production and sale of hardware and software products including related services, are exposed more than ever to considerable liability risk. 

Benefit from our many years of experience in the IT industry. Our competence center deas CyberSolutions has developed contemporary IT liability policies specifically designed to meet the needs of the IT industry, for example: 

Versicherungen IT-Unternehmen


Those looking for professional advice and tailor-made solutions for the protection of art risks have come to the right place. deas' own art insurance broker, Fine Art Business Partner (FABP), has decades of experience in the area of art insurance, in Germany and abroad.

Our experts support you in all aspects of art insurance, whether when protecting major art risks or when shaping international insurance programs.  The FABP includes:

  • Administration of your insurance policies
  • Comprehensive consulting and customer-focused service in the event of a claim (also handling of major losses)
  • Product development and risk management
  • Review and difference in conditions insurance (DIC) for existing government liability schemes etc. 

Many organizations have trusted in the farsighted expert solutions of FABP: 

  • Museums
  • Galeries
  • Owners of private and corporate collections 
  • Foundations
  • Organizers of permanent and temporary exhibitions, exhibition centers
  • Artists

Contracting Authorities

Federal States, administrative districts, cities and municipalities and their institutions are confronted with the task of using their allocated funds efficiently. Even required insurance cover needs to be in line with the budget. Particularly in times of scarce budget resources, stable premiums and best possible conditions are essential. As client of deas you can benefit from the market power of an insurance broker, who yields the most for you out of the insurance market. 

Versicherungen öffentliche Auftraggeber

Our experts are familiar with the insurance requirements of municipal entities and the general or mandatory tendering regulations. They provide you with expert assistance and advice in connection with detecting and assessing any relevant risks in order to purchase affordable insurance cover that is tailored to the needs of public authorities, such as:

Textile Industry

Textiles are worn close to our bodies. Therefore particular significance is attached to product safety in the textile and clothing industry in order to prevent any risks of skin irritations or disease. Accordingly, environmental regulations and legal requirements on product properties are strict. 

A fully functioning and effective risk management and adequate insurance protection are crucial in order to ensure that claims do not affect your business as textile company in the long-term. Our experts have a great deal of experience in risk protection for the textile and clothing industry. We negotiate with insurers custom-fit solutions for the individual industrial requirements to realize the best possible quality of cover for you. 

We know, observe and also shape the domestic and international insurance market. Here we work with in-house and external specialists to analyze and cover any individual liability risks in due consideration of statutory liability provisions.

We mediate insurance products for all sector-relevant areas. Clients of the clothing and textile industry focus on the following major risks: 

  • Product recall or product failure
  • Protection of material substance, inventories and finished goods 
  • Protection against loss of income
  • Liabilities relating to supply chains
  • Supply of third-party property and goods for repair
  • Cargo securing 
  • Receivables management, sureties, factoring

Printing and Publishing

Printing errors, machinery breakage, hoax, warehouse fire – the loss scenarios to which printing companies and publishing companies might be exposed to, are diverse. A damage-related standstill of a printing press may cause severe financial losses. Moreover, printed materials which are disputed by third parties could cause expensive court proceedings for the publishing company concerned. 

We know where the pitfalls are and analyse your individual risk. Our portfolio includes: 

  • Analysis of loss of earnings scenarios 
  • Procuring machinery insurances and other property insurances
  • Procuring business interruption insurances
  • Professional advice and support in finding alternatives (crisis assistance agreements)  
  • Protection against cyber risks throughout all stages of production, for example liability risks in relation to third party data 
  • Insurance protection against attacks on editorial systems or failure of IT systems or machines 
  • Financial loss liability insurance
  • Professional advice and support in the event of any violation of personality rights and copyrights (e.g. risks arising from advertisements and publicity, new media or social media)
  • Protection against toll manufacturing and cooperation risks 
  • Arranging insurance protection for objects owned by third parties or third party property and contingent business interruption losses (CBI) caused by outsourced and/or contracted production processes. 
  • Protecting risks arising from third party editorial research services 
  • Insurance protection against damage or delay in delivery 
  • Arranging insurance coverage for transport risks (mail and parcel delivery, damage caused by deliverer's vehicle fleet)
Versicherungen Druck und Verlage

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